Bloom Marin has changed my life! Thanks to them, I felt confident going to my job interview. I ended up getting offered a better position than what I had gone in for!”

— Daryl, Client Dressed in 2019

Bloom team

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Lenice Smith

Executive Director

My inspiration comes from the commitment of our volunteers and staff.  Whenever I have the joy of observing their interactions with our clients, it absolutely fills my soul. I’m so proud of the work we do here at Bloom. We truly are one community.  I am excited to be part of such an amazing team of individuals!

Michelle Mina

volunteer and program director

I am so lucky to be able to be a part of our clients’ lives. I get to witness the change that occurs within them. I’m so proud to work with our volunteers who dedicate their time to supporting our clients who are working to transition to a life of self-reliance. Our clients are truly amazing and strong people who work hard to overcome the obstacles in their lives.

rose jennings newhouse

director of development

Working at a place that: creatively provides a pivotal hand up to those determined to better their lives; utilizes community donations and amazing volunteers to renew hope and confidence for thousands of men women and children, and re-purposes clothing to spare the environment of 5 tons of landfill annually, is inspiring. Whether a 5 year old girl twirling in her new sparkly shoes, a single mom in tears over her new wardrobe, or a veteran donning a suit for a job interview, Bloom produces a magic that aligns with my values, and makes me grateful and proud to be a part of the team.

Leslie Kwartin

Retail Store Manager

I love working as the Retail Manager and as an ambassador for Bloom. I get to use my fashion sense, my sales manager skills and my desire to connect with people.  I feel blessed to be part of helping the organization thrive and to be in a position to help all the clients, customers and donors who enter the store and leave feeling and looking better! 

Tamra Phillips

donations and boutique manager

Being a former client, I know first hand the impact we make on individuals and families. I believe in our mission wholeheartedly and am proud to be a part of this organization. Everyone from our generous donors, deserving clients, and our amazing founder, Barbara Lee, Bloom is changing lives and I am honored to witness the transformations!

Dahmitra jackson

assistant store manager

I love Bloom for the inclusiveness. No one is ever felt like an outsider here. My coworkers make everyday a great day because everyone is so supportive and we all believe in our mission. Working in the retail store let’s me interact with the public and to also see the transformation of clients’ whole attitude when they are finished with their appointments. We offer the community the opportunity to feel confident in their own skin which is something I think every person should feel. I am so proud that Bloom has thrived for 20 years and it is all thanks to a wonderful caring community, let’s keep thriving!

Theresa fross

retail associate

I love feeling that I am part of an organization that truly is making a positive impact in our community.

I am proud to share our mission with customers and friends. I delight in seeing clients walk out the door with a heavy load of clothes but a lighter load on their hearts.


Special Thanks to Cris Gebhardt for photographing our Bloom Staff!